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Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance

  • A group bringing together members whose work contributes to national security
  • Members receive benefits such as access to an annual Defense Innovation Days networking event
  • Access to a variety of resources and technical information


The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance was formed to bring members together on issues that contribute to national security and benefit local communities. It seeks to promote innovation and workforce development to address critical defense issues.

Who’s it for?

Any company in the southeastern New England region that does business or seeks to do business with the federal government to address issues of national defense.


To identify, champion and coordinate issues that contribute to our national security and provide benefit to our members, local communities, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, and other Federal Government agencies; to be a catalyst for thought leadership and technical innovation in undersea technology, cybersecurity and other critical defense technologies; to enable the development of the innovative technology, foster thought leadership and facilitate required workforce development.

Resources & Services

Defense Innovation Days

An annual networking event that brings together companies whose technologies can help improve national security with policymakers who help guide the nation’s defense strategies. These parties can engage with one another, and policymakers offer presentations that give companies an idea of the opportunities available in the defense and national security sector.


The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance maintains a number of resources, including a news feed, jobs board, directory of industry contacts, and a scholarship program.

Member Benefits

Members receive benefits such as access to technical information sharing, monthly Tech Talks, members-only networking events, and business development opportunities.

Job and Intern Placement

As a lead for the Real Jobs Rhode Island Defense Industry Partnership, the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance offers workforce development opportunities including internship opportunities in cybersecurity, information technology, engineering and sciences, business and supply chain management.



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