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The Distinction Between Innovative Leadership and Innovation

  • Innovative leadership involves creating an environment where greater inventiveness and creativity can occur
  • Inventors don’t necessarily have the expertise to manage others, but flourish under competent leaders
  • Business owners must be prepared to provide flexibility and embrace a diversified workforce
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Young Workers Appear Poised to Ditch E-Mail Collaborations

  • Research from Creative Strategies shows that workers under 30 are unlikely to collaborate through e-mail, while it remains a preferred choice among older workers
  • Tools used for business collaboration will likely need to adapt as younger employees age and become more dominant in workforce
  • Workers use a suite of collaboration tools from multiple tech companies
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COVID-19 Pandemic Gives Connecticut Opportunity for Greater Regional Cooperation

  • As work-from-home arrangements become more commonplace after COVID-19 pandemic, Connecticut has the opportunity to pursue partnerships with neighboring states to strengthen the region’s economy
  • Aging infrastructure, increasing number of residents working outside the state have been challenges
  • Informal talks on issue began in March
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States Scramble to Assist Businesses Impacted By Pandemic, Compete for Emerging Jobs

  • State economic agencies turn focus to supporting existing businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic
  • Loan programs and other relief supplement federal efforts to minimize business closings and layoffs
  • Push for onshoring set to renew competition among states for emerging jobs
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Advanced Competitive Strategy

  • Learn how business tactics can increase profits by maintaining and gradually increasing customers
  • For all kinds of business organizations
  • Helps you understand processes involved in merger/acquisitions with other companies and regulating the prices for profit optimizations
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