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UConn Innovation Portal

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  • Works with innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners
  • Transforms ideas into companies and jobs
  • Fuels economic innovation and development


The Innovation Portal at UConn is designed to connect University of Connecticut researchers with the business community to create products and services that benefit society as a whole. It also assists UConn students, faculty, and staff with the process of forming companies, securing patents, and taking other steps necessary to bring an invention to market.

Who’s it for?

Technology-based small businesses and startups.


The mission of Technology Commercialization Services is to expedite and facilitate the transformation of UConn discoveries into products and services that benefit patients, industry and society.

Resources & Services

Business Incubator

UConn’s Technology Incubation Program provides world-class research facilities, support services, a network of investors and entrepreneurs, and other resources to those looking to launch a business. The UConn TIP Innovation Fellowship pairs students with startup companies in summer research fellowships to provide entrepreneurs with staffers and give students valuable experience and potential job opportunities.

Startup Support

UConn’s Technology Commercialization Services offers a team of experts in areas such as licensing, venture development, and marketing. TCS works to connect entrepreneurs with the funding sources, professionals, and other resources necessary to get their company off the ground.


The Innovation Portal at UConn includes numerous resources on topics like the commercialization process for products, conflicts of interest, innovation funding, and intellectual property. A student portal allows current UConn students to connect with current opportunities for internships, fellowships, and mentorships.


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