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Waterbury Development Corporation (WDC)

Waterbury Development Corporation Logo
  • The designated economic and community development agency for the city of Waterbury
  • Provides all facets of business assistance
  • Financial assistance with local, state and federal funding opportunities


Founded as a public-private entity and managed by a 23-member board, the Waterbury Development Corporation serves as the designated economic and community development agency for the city of Waterford. It works to promote revitalization of the city by supporting economic development, investments in education, and improved housing stock while also managing construction projects and eliminating urban blight.

Who’s it for?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to establish their business in Waterbury.


To help the City of Waterbury, its businesses, and its residents revitalize their city, stimulate and support economic development, promote investment in education, rehabilitate and maintain the city’s housing stock, eliminate urban blight and decay, manage construction projects, and improve the overall quality of life.

Resources & Services

Business Growth Group

WDC’s Business Growth Group offers one-on-one business support such as financial assistance, preliminary property searches, technical assistance, and connections to other federal, state, and local agencies.

Neighborhood Re-Investment Group

This WDC group manages projects and programs that promote housing, community development, and neighborhood improvements in Waterbury. It administers a variety of financing programs for this purpose, assists neighborhood groups in finding additional funding and technical assistance, and oversees a blight reduction program.

Project Management Group

The Project Management Group oversees development and revitalization projects in the city, including construction schedules and budgets.


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