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Rhode Island Accelerators & Incubators

Starting a company and need a little help to get it going? Accelerators and incubators provide resources to guide early-stage companies toward profitability, including capital, office space, mentoring, and training.
  • CTNext is Connecticut’s innovation ecosystem, like an incubator helping entrepreneurs validate their ideas
  • For entrepreneurs, CTNext has unique mentor programs, seminars and onsite workspaces
  • CTNext is a support system that steps in with customized help right when entrepreneurs need it most
  • A nonprofit focused on industry research, innovation, policy development, and communications initiatives
  • The voice of businesses building a world-class clean energy hub in the Northeast
  • Convenes clean energy stakeholders dedicated to growing the state and the region’s clean energy economy
  • Makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch and grow new ventures
  • Connects startups, experts, corporations, and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies
  • Equips bold entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and to create meaningful change
  • A series of innovation spaces for launching and growing business
  • Offers programs and connections to small business owners
  • Five locations as well as a virtual option