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Making Philanthropy and Community Part of Your Business Operations

  • Advice from the Young Entrepreneur Council on how a company culture can incorporate more philanthropic efforts
  • Leveraging your businesses unique strengths to give back to your community
  • Donating, volunteering, and internship opportunities among the possibilities
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Being the Leader Your Employees Deserve During Uncertain Times

  • Organizational behavior professors at Stanford University offer tips on the “hallmarks of great leadership” during crises
  • Advice follows extensive research on how leaders build on successful performances and how companies have handled difficult situations
  • Compassion, stepping up to difficult tasks, and looking for opportunity in crisis are among the best strategies
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Stress Management for Stressful Times: Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health

  • Social distancing, an uncertain economy, and other factors have all been detrimental to the mental health of many employees
  • Eight ways managers can help reduce stress and anxiety among their workers
  • Regular communications, flexible work schedules, and other tips for a healthier workplace
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Addressing Employee Challenges When Transitioning to Remote Work

  • Entrepreneur¬†contributor says companies need to change how they address certain aspects of their business
  • Assessment of new hires should include screening to see if they can successfully work from home
  • Companies should also discuss time management with employees, and not be afraid of having a little fun
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Poll: Customers Willing to Spend More at Local Businesses, But Likely Visit Less Frequently

  • A survey by Red Egg Marketing finds that about 84 percent of respondents are willing to spend more money to support a local business
  • The majority of respondents say they shop locally only once a month, with about one-third shopping at local businesses each week
  • Customers likely to research a product before purchasing, relying primarily on the the company’s website
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Young Workers Appear Poised to Ditch E-Mail Collaborations

  • Research from Creative Strategies shows that workers under 30 are unlikely to collaborate through e-mail, while it remains a preferred choice among older workers
  • Tools used for business collaboration will likely need to adapt as younger employees age and become more dominant in workforce
  • Workers use a suite of collaboration tools from multiple tech companies
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