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As Remote Work Becomes More Permanent, Companies Respond to Employee Needs

  • Remote work arrangements set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have endured longer than employers and employees may have anticipated
  • Companies expand benefits, hold social events, and solicit employee feedback
  • Many businesses likely to favor hybrid model of office and remote work
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Hotels Mull Pivot to Remote Work Getaways During Pandemic

  • The hospitality industry been struggling with a loss of income due to a slump in travel and event cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Some hotels have been buttressing their revenues with short-term room rentals for people to enjoy a new remote work location
  • Long-term stay packages also being offered
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Companies Reassess Productivity Expectations as Remote Work Expands During Pandemic

  • Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted inefficiencies with the traditional office model
  • More casual workplaces emerge, with greater understanding for employee circumstances among both employers and clients
  • Automation likely to accelerate as a result of remote work
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Clean Energy Incentives Allow Remote Employees to Offset Higher Home Energy Use

  • Homeowner electricity bills are spiking as remote work and other COVID-19 factors contribute to greater energy usage
  • Companies have sought ways to offer clean energy incentives to employees as part of their employee benefits
  • Employers have also been covering some costs associated with home offices
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How Family Time During Remote Work Can Improve Your Business Strategy

  • Having family members present while working remotely can significantly distract you from your workflow, but there are advantages to this setup as well
  • Spouses, children, and others in the household can be a surprisingly valuable resource in brainstorming and creativity
  • Spending some time with family can be a good way to spend a much-needed break
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Icebreakers, Team-Building, and Other Alternatives to Zoom Happy Hour

  • Building employee camaraderie should go beyond a drink or two shared virtually once a week
  • Specialized apps allow team-building, icebreakers, trivia, and other activities to encourage co-workers to meet up remotely while social distancing
  • Efforts can help improve work-related collaboration and communication
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Addressing Employee Challenges When Transitioning to Remote Work

  • Entrepreneur¬†contributor says companies need to change how they address certain aspects of their business
  • Assessment of new hires should include screening to see if they can successfully work from home
  • Companies should also discuss time management with employees, and not be afraid of having a little fun
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Connecticut Power Outages May Send Some Workers Back to the Office

  • Widespread power outages following Tropical Storm Isaias impede employees’ ability to work from home
  • Employers look to cope with loss of services, including possibility of sending some workers back to the office while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Situation highlights one limitation of remote work
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Employees Report Increased Distractions, Irregular Work Hours When Working From Home

  • A recent survey finds that about eight in 10 workers use their smartphone for personal use during work hours, and fall victim to numerous other distractions as well
  • Respondents say distractions are a key factor in disrupting their workflow, forcing them to work irregular hours
  • Few want permanent work from home arrangements, but favor an office/home mix
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Two-Thirds of Workers Say Mental Health is Suffering Under Remote Work

  • A survey of more than 9,700 workers say they believe that working from home is hurting their mental health
  • Isolation, lack of work-home separation identified as key problems
  • Results highlight need for companies to have mental health resources available
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