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In an Era of Remote Work, Virtual Job Fairs Connect Employers to Job Seekers

  • Virtual job fairs were becoming more popular before the COVID-19, and are now a crucial resource for employers
  • Events are more specialized, with pre-screened candidates receiving time with recruiters
  • Companies should decide what type of event they’d like to hold and make sure to promote it
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As Remote Work Becomes More Permanent, Companies Respond to Employee Needs

  • Remote work arrangements set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have endured longer than employers and employees may have anticipated
  • Companies expand benefits, hold social events, and solicit employee feedback
  • Many businesses likely to favor hybrid model of office and remote work
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Small Businesses More Likely to Expect Longer Recovery in Census Survey

  • Second phase of U.S. Census Bureau survey on COVID-19 impact on small businesses finds respondents more likely to expect a longer road back to normalcy
  • Majority of respondents report negative impact on business, but some positive signs such as healthy cash on hand and minimal missed loan payments
  • Businesses see marketing/sales and additional capital as key future needs
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Hotels Mull Pivot to Remote Work Getaways During Pandemic

  • The hospitality industry been struggling with a loss of income due to a slump in travel and event cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Some hotels have been buttressing their revenues with short-term room rentals for people to enjoy a new remote work location
  • Long-term stay packages also being offered
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Connecticut Faces Dilemma on Controlling COVID-19 and Preserving Economy

  • Enforcement of Connecticut’s rigorous COVID-19 rules has helped maintain consistently low infection rates, but this also has the potential to harm the state’s economy
  • Hotels and lodging have not been asked to screen guests, though several have done so voluntarily
  • Health commitment has been used in tourism marketing, but pitches are limited to neighboring states
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Companies Reassess Productivity Expectations as Remote Work Expands During Pandemic

  • Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted inefficiencies with the traditional office model
  • More casual workplaces emerge, with greater understanding for employee circumstances among both employers and clients
  • Automation likely to accelerate as a result of remote work
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Clean Energy Incentives Allow Remote Employees to Offset Higher Home Energy Use

  • Homeowner electricity bills are spiking as remote work and other COVID-19 factors contribute to greater energy usage
  • Companies have sought ways to offer clean energy incentives to employees as part of their employee benefits
  • Employers have also been covering some costs associated with home offices
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PPP Loans Can Add Complexities When Selling a Business

  • The Paycheck Protection Program and other COVID-19 relief measures may impact the purchase price when selling a business
  • Changing PPP rules, along with the upcoming presidential election and uncertainty over future relief measures, add complications
  • Pandemic also presents challenges to buyers and sellers seeking to do their due diligence
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Steps to Take When Moving Your Business Online

  • Many businesses have moved to adopt e-commerce after physical locations shuttered or restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Online retail offers a continuing revenue stream and opportunities for more individual connections with customers
  • Transition requires business owners to determine what they’ll sell online and make sure their customers are aware of the offering
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Should Your Startup Be An Online-Only Business?

  • With shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic putting major pressure on brick-and-mortar businesses, entrepreneurs may consider whether their company can feasibly operate with just an online presence
  • Advantages include minimal overhead, lower operating costs
  • Business owners must also be aware of customer expectations and greater competition in online-only sales
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